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Trying to Find Reputable Porsche Servicing in Upminster?

Are you looking for a garage that offers quality Porsche servicing in Upminster? Then you’re in the right place. We at Porsche Specialist Services are an exceptional garage that specialises in the care and maintenance of Porsche vehicles. We have more than forty years of combined experience working with these cars, we can offer you the expertise that is necessary to keep your car running at its best. 


Our experience is so vast that we can help with the early air-cooled models, such as the 356, 912 and the 911, as well as the latest models, like the Macan, Panamera and 991. This wealth of experience makes us the ideal choice for all clients, who will benefit from our accumulated knowledge.


Why Choose Porsche Specialist Services?


We are dedicated to being the ideal choice for Porsche owners who want an affordable alternative to official Porsche dealerships, whilst receiving the same dedicated professional care. As a result, we’re dedicated to keeping our prices competitive and our standard of work high. We know that your Porsche is a sophisticated vehicle that requires the best quality service. 


We have ensured that we have all of the state of the art diagnostic equipment necessary to identify any faults with your vehicle. This means that our work is thorough, with all aspects of your Porsche servicing in Upminster completed with the uttermost care and attention to detail. Whether you’re looking for performance upgrades or a full service, we can give your car the attention that it deserves.


Being one of the top garages in the area requires us to expand our work beyond offering Porsche servicing in Upminster. Our many years of experience working with Porsche has given us the necessary skills to be able to offer exceptional restoration work for your car. This can offer various options from basic bodywork to brake, suspension overhauls and gearbox or engine rebuilds. Whatever you need for your car, we can deliver it to the highest possible standard. No matter how big or small your restoration work might need to be, we are on hand to help.


What Types of Servicing do we Provide?


Our Porsche servicing in Upminster is completely comprehensive. We offer all types of servicing, from the very basic to the more major services, depending on what you need. A minor service will involve basic oil and filter changes, while a major service will go more in depth, ensuring that your car is running as well as it can. We’re also fully equipped with the skills to handle other services that our customers need, such as brake fluid changes, coolant changes, auxiliary best replacement and gearbox servicing.


If your Porsche needs servicing in Upminster, then don’t hesitate to give us a call today on 01708 952812 and we can book you in for an appointment. If you prefer, you can book in for our Porsche servicing in Upminster by emailing us at

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